Founding and Early Innovations

Eizo Nanao Corporation was founded as Hakui Electric Company foundedCorporation in the quiet city of Hakui, Japan. EIZO began as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of black and white televisions.


The company changed its name to Nanao Corporation.

EIZO entered the gaming market by beginning the manufacture and table top gamesale of tabletop video arcade machines. An EIZO table top was used with one of the 20th century's most recognizable arcade games: Space Invaders.

EIZO acquired Irem Corporation, a maker and purveyor of irem iconsoftware for home and industrial use. Integrating its hardware and software expertise would become the core of EIZO's business model in the years to come and remains that way today.


As the company continued to grow, a new factory was built on a parcel of land adjacent to several acres of rice fields in Hakusan, Japan that later became the company's international headquarters.


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History EIZO Building

EIZO History

EIZO Corporate Information

Founded in 1968, EIZO has been designing and manufacturing market leading monitors ever since.

Integrated approach



Our entire business is focused on delivering the benefits that our customers expect; improving designs, developing new features and harnessing the very latest technological advances.

The business prides itself in an integrated approach to research and development, quality control and manufacturing — and it’s this philosophy that sets FlexScan apart from other business monitors.

We look closely at every aspect of design and manufacture to ensure that an EIZO monitor is better from top to bottom. We source better materials, insist on better quality and testing, deliver better green credentials and design features to make our monitors better for users.

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