The EIZO Glossary provides brief definitions and explanations of terms used on our site.


Adobe RGB

An RGB color space that was introduced in 1998 by Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe RGB color space is an improvement on the gamut of the sRGB color space, primarily within cyan and green tones. Increasingly, scanners and digital cameras for consumer use are compatible with the Adobe RGB color space. When Adobe RGB is used for the image data, the monitors used to display these images also need to support the wide color reproduction area of Adobe RGB. Select models of EIZO's ColorEdge and FlexScan series reproduce most of the Adobe RGB color space.

Analog Capacitive Type

A touch screen technology used with select EIZO LCD monitors. Voltage is uniformly applied from the four corners of the panel sensor across all areas of the screen. When a finger or pen touches the surface, a change in the electric current proportional to the distance from the four corners occurs. The controller measures the change and calculates the coordintates to locate the touch.

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